Getting Physical Fitness Is Not Time Consuming

The busy professional, by definition is “busy”. So making time to do a workout or even your sports specific training is often an after thought.

You are busy with work commitments, busy doing “busy stuff” that takes up huge proportions of your time, you have a busy social life associated to your work life, networking is key to your career progression and professional standing.

This problem affects corporate athletes of all levels. If you are an aspiring Olympic athlete but NEED a career as well working to supplement your sport. Or, you are a weekend golfer, rugby or soccer player who happens to be a Director, VP or CEO of a multinational company, the restrictions on your time are the same.

If only you had more time to train, your game could be that little bit better, taking you to club, regional or national championship level!

The ultimate cost of this is lost opportunities to fully enjoy your sport. It will leave you with too many “if-only” and “what-if” questions later in life.

Also the opportunity for social and professional networking is lost too. This means missed business or promotion opportunities, because you don’t play golf, or the rest of the management team play for the local soccer or rugby team, and you don’t.

The time required to train for sports is not as intensive as you may imagine. Effective workouts to lose weight and get you back into some kind of physical condition also don’t require a huge investment in time.

You’ll be happy to discover workouts that don’t take huge chunks out of your day. In fact 20-40 minute workouts can see you excelling at your chosen sport, far beyond your current levels. Plus you can lose the excess on the waistline too.

Gone are the days of ineffective, slow, bring cardio workouts requiring you to spend hours on the treadmill, or pounding the pavement early each morning, or late every night.

Workouts can be much more focussed, getting you further towards your health and fitness goals can be done in a fraction of the time, leaving “Time” to be a POOR excuse rather than a legitimate reason for not training.

If I were to tell you that 20-25 of cardio workouts was “enough” to make substantial improvements in body shape and highly effective for sports conditioning, would you feel that this was within the realms of possibility in your time restricted life?

Short, sharp but effective high intensity interval workouts can produce some startling results in a matter of weeks. Marco, a senior partner for a multinational accountancy firm, found the 25 minute interval routines fitted neatly into his morning routine. Sacrificing only a few minutes less in bed of a morning. The outcome was much more energy and effectiveness at the office and a pant size less in less than 28 days.

The big caveat to this is with most busy professionals, you need to sacrifice a portion of your day to fit this type of workout in, however this is less of an ask than an hour long run that you would usually think of doing.

Start today, get your running shoes on, or get to the local gym and jump on your favourite cardio machine and hammer out an interval routine today.

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