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Barefoot running in cold weather

I’ve recently moved to a new city where I’ve been told the temperature usually settles around -20 deg C in the mid-winter.

I either run in Merrell Pace gloves or VFFs, and I’ve found that when the temperature gets to 0 deg that my toes start to go numb Trx exercises. Even with socks (with the Merrells Trx Suspension, haven’t tried injinji socks yet) my feet get pretty cold and uncomfortable.

Does anyone here have recommendations for a minimalist shoe that will help to keep my toes from freezing off, or tips to help keep the feet warm while running outdoors Cheap TRX?

Just popped up on my fb feed, and seems quite relevant trx. Basically, the article suggests your feet are quite capable of surviving cold temperatures, and when the article says people can run in -20, it means -20 Fahrenheit, not Celsius, so Trx Workouts. that’s really cold Trx Training!

I suppose I can add my personal experience thus far. I’ve run with barefoot shoes in -15, with light socks just to be safe, and I couldn’t even tell it was cold. Definitely layered up my upper body though, base layer, light top, and a warm top on top of those. Gloves and a hat are a must too!

I cannot yet make it down quite that low in temperature while barefoot. When it gets even colder, I resort to minimalist shoes and wool socks. My current shoes include the NB MT110, Inov-8 F-Lite 195 trx training, and Inov-8 Bare-X Lite 150 depending on available traction, temperature, and moisture levels. One option I have heard recommended is to combine boiled wool tabi socks with huarache sandals. I do not have boiled wool tabi socks yet TRX, but I have used Injinji toe socks and fleece tabi socks with my Luna ATS sandals. As Alex’s linked article mentioned, keeping your core warm is a very big factor in determining how much additional temperature protection your feet will need.
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