Dating Advice: How To Work On Calibration

You got to know that I constantly hear guys talk about calibration. Even with some dating tips for men, the topic about calibration cannot be ignored.

But what does calibration REALLY mean in relation to dating?

You could open the dictionary and easily look up a dozen different definitions for the word.

But there is one in particular I think that the pickup artist should memorize:

cal·i·brate [kal-uh-breyt] -verb

-to determine the correct range for (an artillery gun, mortar, etc.) by observing where the fired projectile hits.

Please read that again because it is a perfect analogy for what we are trying to accomplish in a seduction.

Every guru and their mother make reference to calibration but tend to be extremely vague when talking about how to IMPROVE IT.

I’ve heard all sorts of crap, everything from “You just have to practice more” to “Calibration can’t be taught, that’s why naturals are naturals.”

Such bullshit. If I could put a sound effect in right now it would be that annoying buzzer from Family Feud.

Of course calibration can be improved! And I’m going to show you a technique that will do it. This dating advice is called:

‘Imaginary Action Reversal’

In a nutshell it’s quite simple…

Before you make a phone call, send a text message, start a risky conversational topic, go in for a kiss, or anything you want take with a woman, it would be very helpful to use your IMAGINATION and think that whatever you are about to do…she does to you instead!

Then ask yourself:

“Did I just get MORE attracted or LESS attracted to her?”

And finally, allow your intuitive response to guide your decision whether or not to make the move.

Think about it…

Who is the best judge you have to determine if an action is ‘attractive’ or not?

You guessed it, it’s YOU.

I know men are from Mars and woman are from Jupiter or whatever, but we sure got a lot of things in common and one of those things is definitely attraction.

Behavior that normally turns me off, usually turns a woman off. And behavior that normally turns me on, usually turns a woman on.

We are not as different as society has us believe.

So if you’d like to take your own calibration to the next level, here is a quick recap of the steps:

1. You get an impulse to say or do something that relates to her

2. You imagine HER saying or doing it to YOU

3. You pay attention to your own emotional response (to the image) and let the quality of your response determine whether or not you go through with the action.

Easy as Pie.

Practicing this exercise is simple, fun, and an amazingly effective way of developing pin-point calibration.

Have fun,


PS: Depending on the situation, the amount of TIME you have to use the technique is a factor. You don’t want to interrupt the flow of a good conversation if you don’t have to.

Just be confident that the more comfortable you become with Imaginary Action Reversal, the faster you will get, and eventually it will become something you are always subliminally aware of.

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