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The weather has finally started to get warmer and we are all coming out of hibernation from our homes and pulling ourselves away from the computer! In this writing, I’m going to share some dating tips for men and women as to where you can go to meet serious, marriage-minded people. What kind of activities do you enjoy that you would have a good chance of sharing your values as well as enjoyment of the activity with potential dating partners?

Here are several suggestions for you to consider:

1. Join a club Most metropolitan areas have many clubs for so many different interests.

For the sports enthusiasts and those who like to be physically active, you have groups for: biking, hiking, softball, tennis, golf, running and dancing. For those who love personal growth and learning, there are a plentitude of classes to take. For those who like more intellectual pursuits, there are gaming groups and bridge groups. Find a club and join it! Don’t go only once – it’s like “Cheers” where people have to see you a couple of times for people to have a chance to meet you. For a listing of activity groups in major metropolitan areas go to my resource page on my website.

2. Go to cultural activities that attract singles

Certain Museums, such as concert venues are set up for singles to mingle. In Washington, DC there are concerts in the sculpture garden of the Hirschorn Museum, lectures and cocktails at the Phillips Gallery on Thursdays evenings, and black tie events at the Corcoran Gallery that attract the professional singles in the DC area.

What do you have in your city? If you don’t have anything related to the arts, perhaps you can start something! Several young professionals groups have cultural events to go to.

Again, this is a way you satisfy your hunger for cultural exposure and meet new people that could potentially be wonderful dates!

3. Keep working the internet – just for a shorter amount of time!

Don’t give up on the internet. As a relationship coach, I encourage you to try another site if the current one is getting stale. Open up your search criteria to a neighboring town or city. This is a great time to take weekend trips to nurture a budding relationship.

Keep working on your process of weeding out inappropriate suitors so you find yourself meeting people who seem to have better potential for a serious romantic relationship. Before you know it, you will be enjoying the spring with your new dating partners.

4. Plan to take a trip with a singles group

If you love to travel and you would want your Motivated to Marry® partner to share that same passion, where else will you find someone but on a trip with other singles? Find a trip that really interests you and attracts a good number of people from at least 25 to over 100 people. There are singles cruises, sightseeing tours, and destination trips like the beach or the mountains. I went to a summer camp set up for professional adults in New England. There were several couples that met on my summer trip in Europe. Why travel with only your friends, siblings or your parents? You can do that again after you meet that someone special!

5. Reconnect with old friends and make new ones!

How many times have you heard that someone saw someone they knew from high school or college and it just clicked? Go to your reunions and alumni events. You will find out who is now single. Also, your old friends may know someone to introduce you to.

If invited, go to parties with friends or friends of friends. You will never know who will show up too! An example of this type of dating advice for women and men is a girlfriend hosted a party where everyone was supposed to bring a friend of the opposite sex. Guess what? She met her boyfriend that evening! Be creative and think how you and your network of friends can get a group together.

6. Find a place of worship that is meaningful to you.

If you practice a particular religion, then find the synagogues, churches, and religious centers that have singles groups and activities. Perhaps they bring in a speaker, have dances, share a meal or sponsor excursions. Here you will meet others who are looking to connect with someone who has similar belief people and can give you a sense of home. Many people have met in this kind of setting.

7. Try something new that you have never done before!

Don’t worry about making a fool of yourself. Someone will appreciate your courage and willingness to laugh at yourself. I remember a guy friend who took cooking classes where he met his wife there. I have a girlfriend who joined a bird-watching group and met her husband! When you stretch yourself and put yourself in new situations, you are bound to meet a new people. As a relationship coach I have given you some dating tips for men and women which include seven types of places to meet people to date. The key is just to get out there and do the activities you enjoy. The more you do, the more people you will meet. Also, you will make new friends who may also know people for you to meet and possible date. So stop procrastinating and take advantage of this glorious time of year! I challenge you to spring out of the old and into something new for yourself! And possibly, your true love may be wishing for the same thing and getting out there to meet someone, as well.

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