Dating Tips For Guys – Rejection From Women And Why You Need To Get Over It!

If you are going to try to improve on your success with women, you have to accept the fact that you are going to get rejected once in a while. The problem for some guys is, they allow rejection from women to make them feel like they are less of a man, and when you do this, you are giving away your power. See, a woman that rejects you is not doing it just to hurt you and you have to be able to bounce back from rejection if you want to start dating more women.

Here are some tips on how to bounce back from rejection:

1. Realize that she might be “off the market.” A lot of women that are currently dating someone or already have an interest in another guy will reject you, but it’s not necessarily because they do not like you. Really, it’s because they already have their mind and their heart set on someone else and you have to realize that this might be the case. Don’t assume off the bat that it has to do with you.

2. You might just need to work on how you approach women. If you approach a woman and immediately ask her out or try to get her number, then you might want to work on this. See, most females are not really into giving out their number to a guy they have just met, and you have to give her time to get to feel you out a little. You need to build something with her, not just go for the glory.

3. If she says NO, it might just be a test. This is another thing for you to consider. Women are approached by men a LOT, a lot more than men get approached by women. And to kind of handle this, sometimes they will try to test you to see what you are made of. If you crumble at the first sight of rejection, then you need to realize that this is not going to look well for you.

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