Mi Nidito

852. 8th Avenue At 51st &52nd. St
New York 10019
Phone: 212- 265- 0022

Vegetarian cuisine is one of the most popular and demanded option by a majority of food lovers these days. The importance of vegetarian food is gaining popularity day by day. The main characteristics of vegetarian food are that they are uniquely cooked and healthy. The main ingredients are green leafy vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and bean-curd products. Vegetable oil is usually a condiment, as it is not only delicious and nutritious; it also helps the digestion process and prevents cancer. There are several other points that incline a person towards vegetarianism. There are a lot many restaurants that serve vegetarian cuisines. Mi Nidito is a perfect place to get top quality vegetarian dishes.

Mi Nidito located in the New York acts as one of the best restaurants in New York City that has remarkable quality in vegetarian cuisines. Housed in an attractive Mexican village-style building, it offers good food, friendly service and an authentically Mexican experience. The interior is colorful and lively with bright red chairs, serape-striped upholstery and Mexican art. The menu has various kinds of dishes to serve letting you choose your favorite cuisine. A few of the popular cuisines are chile rellenos (stuffed chile peppers), burros, tacos, enchiladas, chimichangas, flautas and huevos rancheros (a popular egg, bean and chile dish).

Mi Nidito is an appropriate as its setting is so cozy ones, with a small bar area in the front and tablet in back. Mi Nidito’s menu offers a considerable array of Mexican standards, with a separate page for seafood, such as King crab enchiladas, and another for vegetarian dishes such as almond-sauteed vegetables. The service is quick and warm not letting you wait long for your order. All the dishes and facilities are available in the most affordable prices that do not go heavy on your wallat. Mi Nidito is a must go place that would definetly captivate a good place in your sweet memories.

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