Is Your Body Weight Loss Resistant?

Women who work hard at trying to manage their weight only to find the excess pounds won’t budge are often left frustrated. While women are often made to feel guilty for being heavier than statistics show they should be, there may in fact be logical reasons some women have weight loss resistance. There are a number of factors that might be at play.

If you are a woman finding it hard to fight the bulge, why not investigating some of these factors. One or more of them may help to shed some light on your situation.

Why Are Some Women Weight Loss Resistant?

Here are a few possibilities of why some women seem to be weight loss resistant:

Emotional Eating: Some women just plainly like the taste of food. Others eat to calm nerves or use food to meet an emotional need. A sign of emotional eating is when a woman eats when she’s not hungry.

False Hunger: Just as a pregnant woman might experience false labour, a woman can experience cramps that mimic hunger pangs. Gaseous food and chewing gum can cause this feeling. Food intolerances can also cause a cramping feeling. Once a woman feels false hunger, she obviously feels the need to eat to calm her stomach, resulting in adding unneeded calories.

Hormonal Imbalances: Many pregnant women gain weight well beyond the weight of the baby. Most women eat healthier while pregnant than at any other time in their lives, so what’s going on? Many peri- and post-menopausal women complain of unexplained weight gain and weight loss resistance too. Hormonal imbalances can cause a ruckus in some women.

Genetics: It is obvious just by observing some families that genetics has a role in weight gain. Often when one struggles with excess weight, one of their parents does too.

Overeating: It goes without saying that overeating can lead to weight gain. It is simple math that as many calories that are taken in need to be burned in order to stay in balance. Oftentimes, women who workout will trick themselves into thinking they can eat more because they’ve worked out. Some even use food or a high calorie beverage as a workout reward, which obviously defeats the purpose.

Missing Ingredient: Some women’s bodies have trouble absorbing the nutrients from their food throwing the body into havoc. A multivitamin might help to bring needed balance.

Thyroid Problems: An underactive thyroid can prevent a woman’s metabolism from processing calories efficiently. Not only might a woman with an underactive thyroid be unable to lose weight, but she may gain weight rapidly if not diagnosed and treated in time.

Under-activity: In order for a woman’s body to burn calories, it needs to move. If a woman has a sedentary job, even if she exercises, her body may not be getting enough exercise.

What To Do?

If you suspect any of the above conditions apply to you, take action on them.

Obviously, it is important to get a physical check-up including blood work done, if you haven’t already. It is important to make efforts to keep yourself moving and exercising and to be conscious of what you’re taking in. Reminding yourself of the above factors should help you become more aware of what might be going on and steer you toward a few new solutions.

In any event, adopt the “Do It Anyway Plan”. That means, keep exercising even if the scale doesn’t budge. Do it anyway. Your muscles, (including the all important heart muscle), your circulation, lungs and metabolism will thank you.

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