Pheromones, Relationships, And Sexuality

Most of us have described a new beginning to a relationship using such terminology as ‘the chemistry is great’. But is there any validity to such a statement; in reality, does chemistry have anything to do with our attraction to or interactions with others. To put it quite simply, yes it does, by way of pheromones.

Now you may be wondering what pheromones are. I think an easy way of explaining this is to use animals such as dogs as examples. Although this example is extreme it will help to make the point. We all understand that female dogs come into season, or ‘heat’ as it is commonly referred to. During such a time male dogs in nearby locations will smell the female dog and be affected by that.

The female dog may have a different temperament during that time and her focus may seem to be only on being with a male dog. Although the details are quite different when we talk about human beings, the concept is the same.

We give off pheromones, which are naturally occurring substances. These pheromones convey airborne messages that can generate social responses from others of the same species. The pheromones are not consciously detected but the reactions are somewhat predictable. It is thought that pheromones have the purpose of promoting the survival of each species.

In recent years pheromones have been used as perfume ingredients. The thought is that the wearer will become more attractive to the opposite sex. This is without dieting, exercise, make up or other methods, which makes it an appealing alternative.

The reactions can include an elevation in mood or even a relaxed mood. Changes in the ovulation cycle have also been noted. This may account for groups of women that work together having same or similarly timed menstrual cycles. Other effects can include a general feeling of readiness for sex and noticing how attractive another is.

With the results mentioned above there is little wonder that a booming business has developed around this knowledge. Customer bases continue to grow as more and more manufacturers are creating products that incorporate pheromones.

Obviously such products can be used to artificially manipulate desires and to create more self-confidence of the user. This could truly be a win-win situation or taken to the extreme it could result in an unfair advantage of the user of the products. Either way, I believe the concept is very interesting and that it deserved a little recognition.

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